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Lighting Compliance

AS/NZS1158.3.1.2005 P3

Project Overview

Before beginning the construction project of high rise complex in Cremorne, the Yarra council required built to firstly remove all existing street lights to allow cranes and large semi-trailers site access. These street lights needed to be replaced by a temporary solar lighting solution providing similar illumination.

The construction period was planned for more than two years, so the temporary solar lighting solution needed to satisfy council that there was sufficient illumination throughout the entire construction period. Besides, the solution also had to consider the continued use of existing road and footpath infrastructure during the construction period. During the design process, an electrical lighting consultants was engaged to design appropriate luminaire, pole height and compliance that meet P3 roadside lighting standards.

Leadsun Solution

  • 3 x X5-390W Systems
  • 30W LED Light Heads
  • 1.3 Tonne Concrete Blocks
  • Extra Heavy Duty 5.5 EL-XHD-5.5 Poles
  • Lowerable Poles for Ease of Installation and Programming at Ground Level
  • 2000WH Lithium-ion Batteries Providing Longevity and Reliability

In order to meet all design and compliance requirements, Leadsun workded with the electrical lighting consultant appointed by Yarra council to provide a temporary solar lighting solutions that was robust. A concrete block base system was developed to maintain the size of the system and withstand wind/strength loads. The final project also provided great flexibility for constructions, in that this solar lighting solution of this project with durable solar technology can be reused a number of times for future projects with similar requirements.

In today’s dynamic fast paced world, Leadsun is both adaptable, versatile and provides customized solutions that work for different situation. Whether it’s temporary lighitng for a pop-up event or a lighitng solutions for street works or built sites, we have versatile solutions that are installed quickly, don’t require power and can be reused reliably for many years.

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