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Leadsun’s sustainable lighting solution is designed for local roads and increases safety on poorly lit roads and intersections

On residential roads, safety is paramount for drivers and pedestrians alike. When lit up, attention to roundabouts, intersections and adjoining pathways is drawn, thus increasing safety.

SMART street lights are the perfect option for existing residential roads. As these lights do not require underground trenching or cabling, they do not disrupt residential areas and do not pose a significant risk to existing underground power and communication infrastructure.

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What Our Clients Say

“We are not disturbing or contaminating, so it is a really good option for us. We have the EZYpole which is the winch pole without having to bring a Cherry Picker. Just by lowering the pole from the ground saved us a lot of money. It was a no-brainer to put these lights in here and the fact that was done in one day made it even better”

Maribyrnong City Council


"The increased lighting is a very welcome addition to this popular walkway and I know locals are looking forward to feeling safer when walking along the path at night."

Snowy Monaro Regional Council

Cooma Creek Shared Pathway

"The solar lighting project was successfully completed with lighting levels throughout the park high enough to ensure that all pathways and car park areas are safe for the public to use at night without the fear of crime."

Maribyrnong City Council

Skinner Reserve Precinct

"One of the many Green initiatives at this year’s Australian Open. Replacing traditional lighting with temporary Smart Solar Powered LED lights, improving the quality and level of lighting and chipping away at becoming a more environmentally sustainable event."

Tennis Australia

Grand Slam Oval & Activation Area

"The team at Leadsun delivered an urgent quote and followed through with the completed project in a timely and professional manner with quality components. I found Leadsun trustworthy and thorough and the end result was everything we hoped for and some. The whole community are loving the lights along the trail, it’s so great, it truly is!"

The Bass Coast Council

Rail Trail Illumination Project

"This solar lighting solution will operate at full brightness from Dusk to Dawn and allows commuters and patrons the convenience of an easy accessible and safe passage to and from this car park. This cost effective lighting solution has not only eased the traffic congestion for the community but it is a sustainable win for all."

Penrith City Council

North Street Car Park

Advantages of SMART Solar Street Lighting


Tried, tested and proven for over 17 years, Leadsun’s high-quality market-leading technology delivers ultimate reliability. We boast over 300,000 installations worldwide – this includes over 1,000 in master-planned communities in Florida.


Leadsun’s SMART street lights are sleek and stylish with aesthetically pleasing features, perfect for modern streetscapes.


As Leadsun’s SMART street lights are solar powered, they are environmentally friendly and offer a low carbon footprint. Leadsun’s SMART street lights ae also very economical. Being solar powered, asset owners are free from energy bills, resulting in savings in the long-term.


sing Leadsun’s EDGE remote monitoring service, every SMART street light can be tracked, providing the owner with the GPS location, model, serial number and battery life of each system.

Rapid & Scalable

Leadsun’s grid-free SMART solar street lights do not require underground trenching and cabling and utilise innovative pole technologies to assist with installation and maintenance. Therefore, minimal time and labour is required, thus making Leadsun’s SMART solar street lights a cost-effective solution.


Existing structures like trees, sidewalks and traffic poles are easily accommodated with Leadsun’s SMART solar lighting systems. Another part of SMART lighting’s adaptability is its PIR motion sensor, which ensures that lights are fully illuminated only when necessary, thus enhancing battery life.


Leadsun offers compliant, and fully compliant lighting designs in accordance with local standards. This ensures that each project offers optimal lighting and flexibility to ensure compliance with lighting, residential and environmental standards.

Low Maintenance

Leadsun’s SMART solar street lights contain ‘plug & play’ components. These components are easy to access and ensure long-term performance and minimal required maintenance.

Optional EDGE Wireless Technology

Remotely monitor and configure your lighting control, manage battery consumption and detect failure warnings from anywhere in the world. Other features include an energy saving working mode function switch and real time GPS maps to name a few. 

Solar Street Lighting

Leadsun’s SMART solar street lighting facilitates the formation of safe and inviting community spaces. It is a sustainable, solar-powered lighting solution that is intuitive and intelligent, featuring the EDGE wireless control system, allowing cloud-based configuration from anywhere in the world. Our market-leading street light technology allows enables the formation of well-lit community spaces, encouraging activity and engagement and bringing public spaces to life.

How does solar street lighting work?

SMART solar street lighting by Leadsun is grid-free as it is powered by solar energy. Additionally, Leadsun’s solar lights conserve battery power by dimming to 30% when an area is empty. This lighting level provides a baseline level of security in outdoor areas.

When vehicle or pedestrian movement is detected, the system increases to 100% light output, which provides high quality lighting that can be used to identify hazards clearly. Once movement has passed, the system dims again. This prolongs the battery life of the unit whilst also ensuring that nearby residents are minimally impacted by street lighting.

The benefits of solar street lighting:

Intuitive solution for power conservation
Leadsun’s SMART Solar Street Lighting is grid-free and conserves battery power through its intuitive dimming enabled by its PIR motion sensor.

Cost-effective with a quick turnaround
Quick installation and turnaround times can be achieved with our grid-free SMART solar lighting solutions. As a result, our solutions are cost-effective as they also save on labour and material costs.

Increased community safety and satisfaction 
Residential areas can enjoy greater safety and facility accessibility with the addition of Leadsun’s SMART solar street lights. Additionally, installation is quick, easy and cost-effective and there are no ongoing utility bills to worry about.

Solar street lighting FAQs:

How much does solar street lighting cost?

Each solar lighting project is unique. No two projects are the same size, have the same application and use the same design, therefore costs will vary. However, when compared to traditional grid lighting, solar street lighting is far more cost-effective as installation does not require underground excavation and wiring, and light maintenance does not require ongoing power fees.

Do solar street lights charge on cloudy days?

As clouds diffuse the strength of sunlight, solar lights will charge less on a cloudy day than they do on a sunny day. Leadsun’s SMART solar lighting systems account of this by creating a solar panel-to-battery ratio that provides at least 3 days of battery autonomy.

Why should I choose solar over a traditional street lighting option?

In addition to the cost-savings, sustainability and ease of installation, solar LED lights are 30-50% more efficient than most traditional street lights, making them an ideal option for public spaces, including residential and rural streets.

    • Economically advantageous, no underground cabling or extensive labour required
    • Minimal disruption to existing roads and structures
    • Increased safety on roads and in communities 
    • Standalone, high-poowered and dependable systems
    • Ideal for:
      • Poorly lit roads with high vehicle and pedestrian traffic 
      • Local roads in gridless areas
      • Communities looking for sustainable options


See solar street lighting in action

Leadsun collaborates with Housing New Zealand

A recent project we completed with Housing New Zealand demonstrated just how significantly solar street lighting can transform a community space. Leadsun was tasked with the challenge to provide safe, sustainable, and cost-effective lighting for NZ’s most vulnerable housing communities. We felt passionate about this community project and put our all into developing and installing Leadsun solar street lighting across Auckland’s North Shore. We are so pleased to see these communities now experiencing the incredible benefits of solar street lighting.

Middle Arm Road Solar Street Lighting Project, Goulburn

The Goulburn Mulwaree Council identified that one of their popular roadways was inadequately lit and needed a reliable lighting solution. However, after looking into a grid-powered solution, they realized the cost to trench and cable would go over budget, so they needed a more cost-effective option.