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Advanced technology revolutionising smart public lighting

Since our begins in 2005, the knowledge gained through many years of research and thousands of successful projects, is what underpins us as the world leaders in developing revolutionary smart public lighting solutions. Our innovative technology not only matches, but betters any other lighting solution on the market without requiring power from the grid.


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Extended-life 10-year battery performance

Our ingenious patented dual battery management system delivers DOUBLE the life expectancy and greater efficiency than traditional lithium batteries. Talk to us about how we can provide a 10-year battery performance for your next project.
Some important features include:

  • Patented advanced battery management
  • Only available from Leadsun
  • New generation of Lithium LiFePO4
  • Dual battery system
  • Best-in-class components
  • Assembled by our specialist technicians
  • Double the life expectancy of traditional battery technologies 

Learn how FREEDOM is revolutionising smart urban street lighting by downloading the product brochure below.


Wireless Control & Monitoring

  • Wireless connected SMART solar lighting systems
  • Long-range LoRaWAN bi-directional technology
  • Cellular gateway communicates between connected lights and cloud-based EDGE management system
  • Remotely configure the operation of each light
  • Real-time performance of battery and solar charging
  • Web based access from anywhere, anytime

Learn more about EDGE by downloading the brochure below.

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Want to see EDGE in action?
Contact us for access to a live demo of EDGE and we’ll send you the login details.

Smart Eye

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PIR Motion Sensor

Leadsun’s SMART public lights incorporate a unique adaptive lighting technology that is able to constantly monitor and detect the movement of people/vehicles and automatically adjust lighting within that detected location to a higher illumination level for 30 seconds.

The SMART EYE adaptive lighting technology will be particularly useful to increase the levels of passive and active surveillance across the entire facility to assist both employees and also security staff in monitoring blind spot areas.

Learn how FREEDOM is revolutionising smart urban street lighting by downloading the product brochure below.

Dark Sky

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Dark Sky Compliant option for 3000K series

Leadsun promotes environmentally responsible outdoor lighting to minimise the light pollution often caused by traditional Electric street lighting networks throughout our cities.

Our range of Smart Public Lighting all come fitted with an LED fixture which has ultra-sharp cut-off optics that significantly reduce lighting glare both to the rear and front sides of the streetlight. This eliminates the effects of sky-glow at night.

Our range is fully certified DARK SKY compliant for residential development areas that want to minimise light pollution and obtrusive lighting into residential properties.


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Technology designed for the future

Learn more about Leadsun’s advanced technology and how our innovative design and engineering makes us stand out from our competitors. From our patented advanced battery management system to our wireless lighting control management platform, this brochure outlines all the technical details that position Leadsun as world leaders in SMART Public lighting.

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