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Founded in China and set branches and distribution relationship in Australia, Malaysia, USA and other countries, LEADSUN manufactures and provides sustainable and smart solar lighting solutions all over the world.

A Strong History With A Bright Future

LEADSUN manufactures the world’s most technically innovative range of solar-powered LED lights and is renowned for its diverse product range which suits a wide range of applications. Our green-friendly solar lighting solution products have revolutionized the industry by offering unrivalled build quality. Our leading technology has been proven to perform reliably in the world’s harshest conditions. LEADSUN is one of only a few companies worldwide that fully develops and manufactures the complete solar-powered system ensuring total control over product development, quality & testing. We are leading the way with solar-powered technology and the company has patents for its ‘All In One’ technology worldwide.


LEADSUN — specialist of turn-key solar lighting&power solutions, achieving mutual benefit of human, society and environment by its creativity, efficiency and value.
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As the leader of global innovative solar lighting, LEADSUN consists of a strong and proactive management structure coupled with the skilled engineering team, marketing team and customer service team who have rich experience in both solar power energy and LED illumination systems. In the process of rapid development, LEADSUN has set up branches and research institutes in Australia, US and Malaysia. Besides, it has delivered reliable solar lighting solutions to more than 100 countries and regions through its global sales network consists of distributors, representatives and business partners.

LEADSUN has been committed to continuously improving technologies, insisting the balance between technology and nature, fitting various user requirements and upgrading user experience. With the indigenized business acumen, LEADSUN listens clearly to client needs and gathers the inspirations and strength from all over the world, providing superior solar lighting solutions service to the customers by its remarkable creativity.

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Sustainable Lighting

LEADSUN recognises the importance of providing solar-powered lighting solutions that will assist our planet in striving for ongoing reductions in Co2 emissions.

Our entire product range is powered by the clean, limitless energy of the sun and utilise a combination of the highest quality & efficient solar panels as well as intelligent technology such as MPPT (Multi Position Point Tracking) for even greater efficiency.

World Class Innovation

LEADSUN is continually striving to provide our customers with the most intelligent and easy to install solar lighting solution, it’s our constant focus on innovation and quality that makes LEADSUN distinct from any other solar lighting company.

From developing the worlds first and original ‘All-In-One’ solar light, LEADSUN will always be at the forefront of innovative design features for solar-powered lighting & power solutions.


Our Vision

  • To become the world’s industry leader in solar lighting and power products whilst providing users with a safe, tried, tested and proven solution that exceeds their needs.

Our Mission

  • To support and encourage innovation throughout our business.
  • To commit to the highest standards of environment, health and safety in everything we do.
  • To understand our customer needs and deliver a first class service and product offering.
  • To trade profitably for the long term sustainability of the business & for the benefit of all our stakeholders.


Quality Policy Statement

LEADSUN is always providing a first class product and service to its customers. Our Quality Management System has been written to fulfill the requirements of ISO9001:2015 and our own customer’s requirements. LEADSUN aims to exceed its customer’s expectations through continuous improvements to its Quality Management System, that will be of benefit to both our business and customers.

Environmental Policy Statement

LEADSUN strives at all times to adapt an environmentally friendly attitude to all aspects of its manufacturing operation and complies with the appropriate directives. All the company’s waste material is disposed of via regulated companies that can exhibit the appropriate certification for the disposal of the relevant raw materials, solvents, lubricants and packaging. All packaging materials are selected and used with regard to their ability to be environmentally acceptable and recyclable by the end-user or their disposal agents.


LEADSUN attach much importance to customer service and improvement of customer experience since its establishment in 2005. As the business grows, LEADSUN has built a distribution relationship with local partners from North&South America, Asia, Europe, Oceania and Africa, whilst receiving great praise from its partners and end-users.

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