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What is SMART public lighting


Environmentally friendly solutions that require no power from the grid


Aesthetically pleasing innovative and technical functionality


Can be installed
where power is
not available


Dependable performance through electricity blackouts & brownouts


Advanced innovation that intelligently reacts to it’s surrounding environment

As sustainable solution that harnesses the power of the sun to bring the light of day into the night for safer, more active communities.

Why SMART Public Lighting?

  1. Create safer environments using adjustable lighting controls
  2. Extend usage of valuable community assets
  3. No underground cabling required leading to fast trunaround times
  4. Cost effective with no trenching required
  5. Advanced, long life battery technology
  6. Environmentally friendly
  7. Completely off the grid with no ongoing power costs

Sustainable Lighting for Your Communities most valuable assets

Shared Pathways

Car Parks

Recreation Reserves

Street Lighting

The Leadsun Difference

Leadsun’s Advanced Battery Management System​

The new generation Lithium LiFePO4 battery is at the core of all Leadsun’s off-grid systems. When compared to traditional lead acid batteries, our custom-built, compact design enables maximum performance, reliability, and longevity by providing three times more storage and power capacity. This limits battery stress and prevents unnecessary full range operation, which can lengthen battery life by up to 10 years.

This world first technology is only available from Leadsun

Tell us how we can light up your next project

Leadsun - always innovating, always moving forward, and always dependable

Technology is transforming our urban areas more rapidly than ever, a prospect that delivers both new opportunities and challenges every day. Through its partnerships with municipalities across Australia, Leadsun acts as a trusted advisor guiding communities into the future and aims to fully understand the needs of Australian communities.

Having distributed more than 20,000 light systems, Leadsun applies this experience, expertise, world-class solar lighting engineering, design, and technology, to provide local authorities solutions and guidance they can depend on.

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