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Advantages of
Smart Public Lighting

Extending public access hours with sustainable lighting

Communities have seen a sizeable increase in residents accessing public recreational spaces. Leadsun’s SMART Solar Public Lighting is a grid-free, environmentally friendly lighting solution that gives communities access to assets after dark, thus easing congestion during the daytime.

Prolonged system life via motion sensors triggering automatic lighting control

The most intelligent is utilized for Leadsun’s motion sensors. Adaptive lighting control prolongs battery life considerably by automatically dimming lights by 30% during inactivity.


Safer, more inviting environments with modern design

Outdoor assets like walkways, recreational reserves and car parks become much more beneficial to the local community when they’re perceived as safe and inviting environments. Therefore supplying effective, enticing lighting powered by the latest technology and enhanced by modern design is advantageous for Local Governments.

Save money as costly underground trenching and cabling not required

As a self-sufficient, standalone system, Leadsun’s SMART Public Lighting does not require power from the grid. Without this requirement, the need for environmentally disruptive and cost-prohibitive trenching and wiring is eliminated, thus saving time and money whilst preserving the environment.

Own your light without the power company

With a SMART Public Lighting Solution, you acquire a self-reliant system with local control. As the system is grid-free, there is no utility company involved, nor are there monthly costs often associated with traditional grid lighting.

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