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Residents Around Australian Urban Forest Safer Thanks To Lighting Reality

Residents and visitors always enjoy their spare time in Narellan Urban Forest whether it is to play on the equipment or read a book. They are happy and feel safer thanks to the new led solar lights plan created and implemented by LEADSUN, using the latest software from UK-based Lighting Reality.

Camden Council in New South Wales wanted to improve the seurity of the urban forest in Narellan by installing a new solar lighting system along a 150m stretch. This solar lighting system needs to help detering loitering, reducing vandalism, and providing a safer walking route for local residents.

As a solar powered lighting specialist, LEADSUN took on the project with quality solar pathway lights to create a well-lit and safe walkway for pedestrians, while also ensuring that the forest wildlife and surrounding homes were not negatively impacted.

LEADSUN, founded in 2005, is one of the leaders committed to innovation and intelligent eco-friendly solutions in smart lighting industry.

Gordon Manzione, a business development manager for LEADSUN, said:’ We used Lighting Reality PRO to place five freestanding 10W LED solar lights every 30m along the pathway, while tree picnic shelters were illuminated with 5W link lights.”

“The solar pathway lighting system was powered by LEADSUN AE3C series with 80W solar engines circuited to each of the shelters. The resulting consistency of lighting effect is excellent with no ‘black’ spots along the pathway.”

“The urban forest also features a unique light timing sequence where they dim down to 30% brightness after five hours from dusk and are then operated by a motion detector until dawn.”

“Not only is the amount of measured vandalism down, but locals are also very happy with the new lighting which helps them to feel safer when walking to and from their local shops.”

Bewdley-based developer Lighting Reality provides software that lighting projects are allowed to create by designersfor all manner of exterior environments, in a fraction of the time that it takes other competing lighting design software.

As a marketing coordinator for Lighting Reality, Rachel Green said:” With the fantastic work by Leadsun’s project designers and their specialist products, the urban forest area is now a much safer route for all. This is a great example of a challenging project that has been assisted by Lighting Reality software, and really shows the applications’ ability to be applied ina wide range of outdoor environments.” The Lighting Reality PRO software supports all major international standards and is constantly evolved as these standards are upgraded.

First launched in 2001, Lighting Reality Pro is now used by around 97.5% of British councils, and the company estimates that around 90% of exterior lighting engineers in the UK own a copy.