Leadsun Global

Leadsun’s 15th Anniversary In Business

2020 is a big year for LEADSUN and we are celebrating our 15th anniversary. What started out as a small business is now an industry leader in off-grid lighting projects.

With advanced technology and a first-class global team, LEADSUN overcame lots of challenges and provided various sustainable off-grid solar public lighting solutions around the world. We couldn’t be more proud of what we’ve achieved over the last 15 years.

Since 2005, we have exported various types of off-grid solar public lighting solutions all over the world to illuminate dark public areas, including car parks, residential communities, shopping plazas, parks, highways, and roadways, etc. Even in these turbulent times, we are still here and ready to work on your lighting projects with commercial and environmentally friendly off-grid lighting solutions.

The Challenge

Although 2020 has presented many challenges to us all, we need to stay positive and keep moving. As more and more public areas would like to use smart lighting systems because of more economical, more eco-friendly and safer, we will provide better off-grid solar lighting solutions all over the world all the time.