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Yinnar Solar Footpath Outdoor Street Lighting

Yinnar Solar Footpath Outdoor Street Lighting “Community-led projects like this really demonstrate the benefits of transitioning to renewable energy, not only for the community but also in building a sustainable energy future for us all” – Hon. Lily D’Ambrosio. For more than ten years, the community had identified lighting the 1km path from the town’s […]

Improve Lighting on Local Roads

Calls to Improve Lighting on Local Roads to Save Lives Lighting is a huge part of road safety, not only for cars and lighting black spots but also for visibility and the safety of pedestrians. With respect to pedestrians and roads in particular, according to Monash University research commissioned by walking health charityVictoria Walks, street […]

Leadsun Off-grid Lighting on Ticker News

https://youtu.be/dvbx9WnQwYs Street lighting assets around the world are being transformed with smart technologies to deliver increased safety, efficiency, productivity, and services. Leadsun’s FREEDOM urban solar lights are an integral part of this transformation. Until now, our cities have relied on 19th-century grid-powered lighting systems. These have inflexible positioning and are costly to install due to […]

Solar Tree City of Melbourne

A Big Idea! Leadsun was invited to partner with the City of Melbourne’s Industrial Design Team to create a modern, innovative, and sustainable outdoor sculpture by converging Leadsun’s proprietary ‘All-In-One’ Solar + Battery + LED technologies into a spectacular tree-like sculpture that also demonstrates that we can power and light out cities with solar energy. […]