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Focus on Walkability ‘Can Make LGs a Population Drawcard’

A new Heart Foundation study has revealed that Australians overwhelmingly want to live locally in walkable neighbourhoods close to parks.

The survey also found that a sense of safety is high on one of the the priority list for Australians when deciding where to live.

The results from the survey is contained in the report What Australia Wants: Living locally in walkable neighbourhoods, which surveyed 2895 everyday Australians nationwide, gathers community sentiment.

The director of Heart Foundation said:” the ability to ‘live locally’ is enabled by having a neighbourhood where the things that you need such as fresh, healthy food, safe neighbourhood streets, and daily destinations are near your home, ideally in walking distance.”

Also, he said the survey found that:  

  • 90% of Australians feelthat having access to fresh food within a convenient distance from home is very/somewhat import to them when eciding where to live; 
  • Nearly 90% of people feel that having a sense of safety is very/somewhat important to them when deciding where to live; 
  • Over 80% value having natural elements such as trees and plants;
  • Around 70% Australians value traffic-calming measures;
  • Around 70% also value a sense of community;
  • 80% people surveyed feel that having quality public open space close to them is very/somewhat important to them when deciding where to live;  
  • Nearly 80% people surveyed said it’s very/somewhat important to them that they can be active in their local area.

The research on what makes neighbourhoods desirable, liveable and healthy – all set within the Healthy Active by Design framework and principles. It is a website created by the Heart Foundation to highlight how best-practice planning and design of buildings, streets, towns, and cities can improve Australian’s cardiovascular health.

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