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Leadsun Off Grid Solar Street Light VS On Grid Street Light


Leadsun India demonstrated a solar street light to a residential community in Bengaluru. They put one of a model AE3C off grid solar lights down from an on grid light. The residents organized for the other lights to be switched off so they could make a genuine comparison in the quality of the light.

Compared to the on grid lights, solar lights offer a variety of advantages:

Brighter, focused light.

Modern solar street lights use LED bulbs that produce brighter, more directed light compared to the omnidirectional glow of high-pressure sodium street lamps. This concentrated, higher-quality light enhances visibility, safety and the aesthetics of public spaces.

Higher reliability.

Since they are not dependent on the electric grid, solar street lights continue to operate even during power outages caused by storms, equipment failures or other disruptions. This translates to more consistent light levels and improved safety and security around the clock.

Lower environmental impact.

By harnessing free, clean solar energy instead of burning fossil fuels to produce electricity, solar street lights have a much smaller carbon footprint. They eliminate toxic pollution from power plants and lower greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change.

Lower cost.

After the initial investment in the solar panels and batteries, solar street lights have no fuel or electricity costs. Over time, the savings from free solar power can outweigh the higher upfront expense of the solar system. For cash-strapped municipalities and communities, solar streets lights provide an affordable solution for lighting poorly lit areas.