Leadsun Global

Kokoda College in Papua New Guinea

Client: Kokoda Track Foundation

Product: AE2 series all in one solar light system

Description: 15W solar module, 10W LED, PIR motion sensor & PBOX indoor solar light kits

AE2 solar light system


Kokoda college is nestled in Kou Kou village at one end of the Kokoda Track. Without an effective solar light system solution to illuminate the entrance and pathway areas, there were previously causing security problems for students and staff in the evening.


The solar light systems needed to be powerful enough to light up the entrance and pathway areas of Kokoda College. They needed to be transported to the remote village of Kou Kou.

solar light system in Kokoda College


Two Leadsun representatives carried two AE2 series solar street lights within back packs of 96kms along the famous Kokoda Trek to Kokoda Village. However, with the support of PNG Air and a team of locals on the ground, the additional 12 AE2 all-in-one solar street lights were transported to the college and installed on makeshift wooden poles crafted by the local villagers.

The indoor solar light kits were installed in the classrooms and living quarters to not only make life much easier when the sun goes down but also allow students to power the tablets that contain all their learning materials.

It was a rewarding and positive experience to provide smart solar street lights to help create a safer learning environment and improve welfare for children within a remote location of the world.

solar light system installation


“We value our partnership with Leadsun and look forward to it continuing as we bring street lighting to other off-grid villages in the mountainous Kokoda region. Tenkyu tru for your generous support.”