Leadsun Global

Merton Street, Altona – Street Lighting

Client: Hobsons Bay City Council

Product: AE6 series

Description: 16W LED light heads, 200W solar engine

integrated solar led light


Merton Street in Altona Meadows, one of Hobsons Bay’s major local roads, has a high rate of reported crashes with average daily traffic demand of between 8,000 and 18,000 vehicles.

The community felt that the poor street lighting had a negative impact on their public health and safety. After consideration, the City of Hobsons Bay decided to invest in a new eco-friendly integrated solar LED light system.

integrated solar led light system


This new street lighting system was not permitted to damage the existing underground power and communication infrastructure installed throughout the area. And it should be environmentally friendly and long-lasting.

integrated solar led light solution


10 solar engines provided by Leadsun and ‘Evolve’ LED fixtures offered by GE were installed in optimal locations (solar irradiance & lighting performance) along a 160 meters section of road reserve and rail-line area.

The adaptive lighting control of the smart street lighting system automatically dims lights to 30% during inactivity. And the lithium-ion batteries provide more than 10 years of maintenance-free life span.

smart integrated solar led light

With ‘lowerable pole’ concept developed to safely install and service the integrated solar LED light equipment at ground level, the project was successfully completed in only three days without use of any cranes or lifting equipment.