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Product Used: AE2 Series Shared Pathway Lights

Description: 10W LED light head, 25W solar panel

smart sharted pathway lighting


The capital trail in Royal Park is centrally located behind the Zoo in the City of Melbourne. The historical park is built around the concept of providing an ecological park setting within an urban environment and the Capital trail provides an important link from the rail station to various points of interest throughout the park. In order for the community to fully enjoy the space, the City of Melbourne recognized the need for an important piece of infrastructure in the park: lighting. The proposed lighting was considered to increase the feeling of safety and security along the capital trail for the public within the evening when commuting home from work.

solar shared pathway lighting


Beyond lighting, the City of Melbourne also wanted to be a leader amongst other municipalities by installing renewable technology to get the job done. Extensive amounts of trees and garden areas throughout the park prevented any excavation or trenching works to be undertaken and therefore a mains-powered solution was not considered; The City of Melbourne knew that the solar LED lighting system they chose was key. Not only would the security and usability of the park hinge on the reliability of the solar lighting system, but it also had to look the part by blending seamlessly into the park environment.

intelligent shared pathway lighting

Our Solution:

Leadsun’s AE2 ‘All In One’ systems immediately set itself apart from other shared pathway lighting options with its compact, integrated design that houses lithium-ion batteries, energy management system, and solar panel in a sleek, compact, and robust unit at the top of the pole. Not only did this provide an aesthetic-looking system that fit naturally into the park environment, but it also reduced the susceptibility of the systems to vandalism.

The AE2 ‘All in One’ shared pathway lighting systems feature motion-sensing technology that automatically regulates the output of the LED light throughout the night; the entire system was installed quickly and with minimal disruption to the park environment.

green shared pathway lighting